Halloween 2007

by Gamma Goat

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Live Halloween 2007 @ Pi House in Lincoln, NE.


released October 2, 2011



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Gamma Goat Lincoln, Nebraska

The band's core is banjo, bass guitar and drums, but all three members play percussion and other instrumentation in addition to them. Additional instruments include Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, Tibetan cymbals, a loop pedal, drum machine, broken singing bowls that acted as wind chimes, civil defense water storage barrels, wine glasses, and field recordings of walking in mud. ... more

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Track Name: Halloweenie (Halloween 2007)
The night that he died,
he drove off of a cliff.
Brand new bike,
it was a gift from his mom,
he was on his third wife,
because he lived quite a life,
but he raised quite a weenie.
Son of Halloween which made him a weenie.
Track Name: Running For Mayor (Halloween 2007)
That old town Bastard
he hide in the church.
He said I'll leave you all be
I just gotta eat first.
He demanded wine.
Gave him holy water.
He said that would do just fine.
Said he was running for mayor.
Running from a bear.
Track Name: Old Man With Maggots For Teeth Sucking On A Dead Bird (Halloween 2007)
An old man with maggots for his teeth sucking on a dead bird,
hiding in the shade,
standing over a dead herd,
glistening in the stale heat,
sucking on a dead bird.
Staring at me with his beady little eyes,
watch him crawl across the sky.
Track Name: Sturdy Elephant (Halloween 2007)
Sturdy elephant riding to work,
hit a couple bums and he started to jerk,
had to keep moving so I feed him my shirt,
god damn if I didn't get to work,
ten minutes before my shift,
so I took a shit,
on the company dime.
Track Name: Swamp (Halloween 2007)
Nothings going to muck up my swamp,
swaying on the trailer bed.
On its way to the state fair,
every state fair in the country.
I'm moving along.

Getting paid in swamp,
making more of that swamp.

Winning all the games,
picking up babes on the midway.
Keeping my eye on the alligator on a stick,
beating him with my wit.